Liturgical Ministers

Liturgical Ministers Coordinator: Open

Sign for a role at Mass for the upcoming weeks on the list in the vestry.

Mass Captains:
Sat 5:30pm Jim and Judy Blanke (985) 796-0145
Sun 7:30am Jon/Kathy Craig (985) 796-5340, Tuck/Carol Tucker (985) 796-8504
9:15am Dolores Reiser (985) 796-5429, Mary & David J LeBlanc (985) 796-9282, Priscilla Stahel (985) 796-1003
11:00am Ed & Amy Sicard (985) 796-9616, Rob Byrne (985) 796-9006
Weekday 8am Monday Linda & Lance Babst (985) 796-9976, Wednesday Dennis Ackerson (985) 796-5070, Thursday Bob Segura (504) 615-9704 & Friday Ed Sicard (985) 796-9616

Extraordinary Eucharistic Ministers are trained and delegated to assist the priest with the distribution of Holy Communion during Mass when no other ordain cleric is present. Their service is restricted to the parish of their delegation.

The mission of the Lectors is to proclaim the Scriptures appropriate to their station and designated for the liturgy being celebrated. Commentators do those announcements that give directions to the congregation of present or future importance and gives the general intercessions.