Knights of Columbus

 St. John’s Knights of Columbus Council 10176
Folsom, LA

A fraternal organization of men whose many activities support in charity the needy, uphold the sanctity of life, encourage the beauty of family life and enrich the communal life of the Church through their many social events. Application to the K.C.’s should go directly through their membership coordinator.

2017-2018 Elected Officers
Grand Knight:   David Cooper (985) 302-6690
Deputy GK:  Bill Zimmerman
Treasurer: Ken Boroughs
Advocate: Sal Mule’
Chancellor: Joe Jevic
Recorder: Carlos Gamundi
Warden: Sidney Cannon
Inside Guard: David R. LeBlanc
Outside Guard: Gene Vizzini
Trustee (3 yrs): Emile Brewer
Trustee (2 yrs): Dick Olson
Trustee (1 yr): Tony Ferran

Appointed  Officers

Financial Secretary:  David J. LeBlanc
Chaplain: Rev. Robert C. Cavalier

Membership Coordinator: Dick Olson


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