Pastoral Council Voting Reminder

It is that time of the year when we must elect (2) new members to serve on the Pastoral Council. Four (4) nominees have consented to serve on the ballot. They are Urbain Breaud, Rickey Cortez, Margorie Rainey and Theresa Wilfert.

Voting will take place Oct. 25th and 26th at all masses. All registered parishioners of St. John’s Church who have reached the age of eighteen (18) will be eligible to vote. PLEASE CIRCLE TWO NAMES ONLY PER BALLOT. All votes will be counted in the presence of Fr. Robert who will officially certify results and total tabulations. The newly elected members will take office at the Pastoral Council meeting November 10th. Please see the bulletin board outside of Church for the Candidates’ personal bio, a picture and the Role of a Pastoral Council Member.


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